Sunday, 23 November 2014

Birds of New Guinea

All courtesy of a series of Tweets by Charlie Loyd (@vruba), retweeted by Ed Yong (@edyong209):

NSB suspects that the biologists responsible for naming species in the region have basically spent the 20th century daring each other to use increasingly unlikely names.

Perhaps even now there is a biologist somewhere daring a colleague to name a species as an "Undone Wingnut" or something.

If so, I salute them with without reservation, for they have brought colour, and the Spangled Drongo, to my life.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

A trip to Cosford Air Museum

NSB has been to Cosford Air Museum a few times, and on the latest trip took these pictures...

EAP - technology demonstrator for the Eurofighter

Dinky, dinky Gnat beside Lancaster

Mig-15, note cannon...


TSR - a sad story

TSR2 Avionics bay

TSR2 avionics bay detail

TSR2 main gear well

TSR engine (Olympus) the same as used in Concorde

Bad-to-the-bone Victor


Vulcan bomb bay

Bristol Britannia riveting

There were some very thought provoking displays in the Cold War hanger....

The Cold War in South America

The Cold War in the Middle East

Further displays were present for Africa, and included mention of:
Algeria 1954-62. War of Independence. 100,000 dead.
Guinea-Bassau 1981-82. Civil War. 1,050,000 dead.
Liberia 1990-96. Civil War, 150,000 dead.
Nigeria 1967-70. Civil War. 2,000,000 dead.
Sudan 1963-?. Civil War. 2,000,000 dead.
Congo / Zaire 1960-65. Civil War. 100,000 dead.
Angola 1961-75. War of Independence. 55,000 dead.
Angola 1975-2002. Civil War. 500,000 dead.
Madagascar 1947-48. War of Independence. 15,000 dead.

And South-East Asia, including mention of:
Korea 1950-53. Civil War, 3,000,000 dead.
Philippines 1972-95. Civil Wars. 89,000 dead.
Indonesia 1945-49. War of Independence. 5,000 dead.
Indonesia 1965-66. Civil War. 500,000 dead.

And other areas as well.